The Department of Biotechnology offers the following courses:

UG Courses:

BO1010: Introduction to Life Sciences


BO6020: Immunology

BO6013: Structural Bioinformatics

BO6030: Molecular Basis of Diseases

BO6040: Essential topics for Bio-industry

B06140: Structural Biology

BO7190: Molecular Machines: DNA interacting proteins

BO7050: Advanced Biochemistry

BO6016: Advance Topics in Medical Biotechnology (Seminar)

BO6026: Research Proposal and Business Plan

BO6023: Cell Technology

BO6033: Protein Technology

BO6043: Gene Technology

BO6083: Programming for Biomacromolecular Data Analysis

BO7280: Pharmacology and Physiology of Receptors

BO7053: Biomolecular NMR

BO6190: Gene Control

BO7170: Virology: Basic concepts

BO6093: Membrane Biophysics

BO7013: Computational Structural Biology