Welcome to the Department of Biotechnology at IIT Hyderabad. The field of biotechnology can contribute multi-directionally in addressing the various medical and environmental challenges facing the mankind. The department was established in 2010 and has outstanding teaching & research programs. Being located in the greater Hyderabad area, a hub of biotechnology, pharmaceutical industries, & numerous central biological research institutes, the department has unique & unparalleled advantages. The department offers B.Tech in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, M.Tech. in Medical Biotechnology and PhD. in Biotechnology and has active research groups in the frontier areas encompassing cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, protein engineering, structural biology, DNA repair, chromosome dynamics, gene regulation, advanced imaging, proteomics, circadian rhythm, cancer genomics, RNA biology, alternative splicing, biomarker discovery, cell signaling, Innate Immunity, bioinformatics artificial intelligence, DNA Nanotechnology, computational biophysics, Carcinogenesis, Infectious Diseases, Prion & amyloid Diseases, molecular mechanisms of diseases/toxicity using zebrafish animal model, electrophysiology, Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology. We use a range of model systems such as bacteria, yeast, mouse, Drosophila, zebrafish, and human cells and employ single-molecule imaging to high-throughput omics based platforms to address a variety of biological questions. The mission of the department is to develop new generation of scientific leaders with scientific vigor, critical thinking, ethics and multitasking managerial skills to thrive in the fast-paced technology driven industry and academia. We foster innovations through cutting- edge technologies and interdisciplinary research.

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