MTech in Medical Biotechnology

A research intensive two year program designed to imbibe culture of academic research in coherence with needs of the biotechnology industry. The curriculum includes advanced courses with hands-on laboratory component in the areas of gene technology, protein technology, cell technology and computational biophysics. Students are pre-exposed to industry via seminar/discussion based interactions. Students are expected to generate publication quality research output for the MTech thesis.

MTech Curriculum

PhD in Biotechnology

An opportunity to explore the creativity and contribute to advancements in frontier areas of research is provided to the aspiring students joining the PhD program. Students undertake advanced courses of at least 12 credits followed by a research proposal writing and defense enabling a head-start of research work. IITH attracts students with JRF from reputed agencies such as CSIR, UGC, DBT, ICMR, etc to join the PhD program. Students are expected to publish their research work in reputed peer-reviewed journals for award of PhD degree.